11 Pounds Down! 

Eleven pounds might not sound like a lot, but it sure makes me happy. I have struggled with my weight for years! I would exercise for months and not drop a pound. I would watch my diet, but cave after a week. This time, I’ve stuck with it, and it working.  

So I’ve been following a 1200 calorie diet. I’m not being super strict with it.  I’m using the My Fitness Pal app. I’m pretty happy with it. It does what I need it to. It tracks my steps, but a lot of times I’m not carrying my phone around with me. If I go out walking, I’ll make sure I put it in my back pocket. 

Breakfast is usually just a yogurt. I found these 100 calorie Chobani Greek yogurts and they are delicious!!  They work well for me because I have a HUGE sweet tooth. 

It tastes like a cookie!!

Lunch is usually a lift salad with oil and vinegar, sometimes I’m even skipping the dressing. I only do that if I have a lot of toppings for my salad- grillled chicken, light cheese, veggies- and let me tell you, roasted chickpeas on a salad are amazing!!!  They are a perfect substitute for croutons. 

Today, I wasn’t home for lunch, so I made a to go lunch.  One huge apple, a serving of Triscuits, and a 100 calorie Special K treat. 

Then at dinner time I just make whatever. Tonight we’re having grilled chicken and veggies. If it’s a crazy night and we’re going to order pizza- I might have one piece, and then a big salad. 

So that’s it. I haven’t even been keeping up with working out.  I will commit to walking in the evenings for at least 15 min. Hopefully that will boost my weight loss. 

Any thoughts? Tips? 



My Weight Loss Journey

Hi guys!

I wanted to get this post up asap. Not only to track my progress, but hopefully to encourage someone else to get started.  I know I’m not alone in the fact that I’m overweight, but that doesn’t make it ok.  If you are comfortable in your weight and with your health- then that is great!! I am not. I don’t have a goal weight, or an amount of pounds I’d like to lose.  My only reason for losing weight, eating healthy and exercising is to better my health. 

Right now, my exercise is pretty minimal. My plan was to start slow and increase my routine weekly.  I started with leg lifts. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I did 25 leg lifts. I would walk in the evening with my daughter, and throughout the day when I had time.  In week 2 I added a 30 second plank, plus the walks when I could fit them in. Week 3 I added 10 burpees, and I increased my leg lifts to 35.  Today was the beginning of week 4 and I added 45 jumping jacks. I’m not sure what I’ll add next, but I have a lot of ideas thanks to Pinterest. 

Starting slow and adding to my routine is really working for me. It was easy for me to stick with it and at this point, it’s become part of my morning routine. 

My breakfast-Honey Nut Cheerios and a glass of orange juice  

As for my diet- I’ve always struggled with food.  I make poor choices, I crave sweets, and I eat when I’m bored or upset. I’m keeping healthy snacks available and eating smaller portions. So far I’m doing ok, I definitely mess up occasionally, but knowing that it’s one time and not letting it ruin the rest of my day is helping.  Weekends are the worst because we’re always on the go, but I’m getting better about packing snacks and waters. 

Lunch today- chicken Caesar salad and mandarin oranges 

At this point I’m not comfortable sharing my weight. Maybe in the future after I’ve lost a few pounds? We will see. Like I said earlier though, the numbers aren’t as important as how I feel and keeping myself active and healthy. 

I would love to hear about everyone’s weight loss goals and how you’re making it happen. Or how you maintain your health and weight. Any tips or ideas you have- I’m always open to new ideas. 🙂