Blessing Your Husband

As a Mom, it is so easy to put your marriage on the back burner and focus on the kids.  They are only going to be in your home for a short time, and they really do need a lot of attention.  But it is so very important to make your marriage a priority.  I try to find small ways everyday to show my Hubby that he is important to me.

I wake up with him before he leaves for work.  He gets up at 3:30am, gets dressed and heads downstairs.  I wake up between 3:30 and 4am and go with him.  I like to get his coffee ready, make him breakfast (if time permits), and pack his lunch.  I’ll make his breakfast fresh for him- eggs and bacon, a breakfast sandwich, but sometimes we’re rushing (MONDAYS! ugh, lol) and I don’t have time.  Just getting a bowl of cereal for him is helpful.  He likes having someone to talk to in the quiet before he leaves.  And because I’m up with him, helping him get ready, we get to sit down and chat for a bit or watch the news.

Another way I bless my Hubby is by doing his laundry.  Yes, he is a big boy.  Yes, he knows how to do his own laundry.  But, I have the time, I’m home, and I like to do it.  I also try to get done any other chores that will help him have a more restful weekend.

I also like to let him sleep in on the weekends.  I’m always up early to get the kids to their activities, getting the house straightened up, or getting breakfast ready.  I won’t wake up Hubby unless absolutely necessary.  My thoughts on this, I do get up early with him through the week, but if I’m tired during the day, I take a nap.  He can’t nap during the week, so he gets to sleep in. 🙂

He doesn’t expect any this, but I would be ok with it if he did.  He works hard for his family, and he deserves to be pampered.  I think *some* women feel like preparing meals for men, bringing them coffee, etc is demeaning, because for a long time- women didn’t have a choice.  Those things were expected of them.  They are not now, and I’m grateful that I have the choice, but this is the choice that I’m making, and it seems like a lot of women are doing the same. I’m happy to see homemaking becoming more popular.  I see lots of stay at home wives…not just moms, but women without children.  As I’ve said before, homemaking has always been very close to my heart.  I love everything about it.  It really warms my heart to see so many wives falling in love with it, as well.



Weekend Breakfast: Egg Scramble

Ahh, the weekend. Lazy days, sleeping in, nowhere to go, and nothing to do but enjoy your time.

Hahah, yeah right! As a housewife, I am running my kids back and forth, running errands…you know the drill. This morning I was up at 6 to take my daughter, M, to her volunteer activity. I got home around 8 and got breakfast going for Hubby and I.

I made an egg scramble. Scrambles are awesome because you can literally make it with whatever you have on hand. I used Colby jack cheese, bacon, a leftover baked potato and a jalapeño from the garden.

I started by frying the bacon.

Then I shredded the cheese.

Next up, I sautéed the jalapeño and tossed in my chopped up potato.

I added the eggs directly to the pan with the potatoes and the peppers, and once they were set, I added the bacon pieces. Scramble everything together, transfer to your plate or bowl and sprinkle the cheese on top.

Another of my favorite combinations is sausage, onions and peppers.

I’m glad I remembered to take pictures this morning. It’s been a while since I shared a weekend breakfast with you guys.


Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was wonderful.  All the food turned out perfect, everything was done on time, everyone showed up on time, everyone got along, and no one discussed politics (haha).  That’s usually not a problem here, but you never know.  🙂

In the morning, while I was getting the turkey ready, peeling potatoes and working on some last minute things Hubby and I watched the parade.  I think I have watched it every year since I was a little girl.  My kids have no interest in it now  😦  Our family started showing up around noon, dinner was ready about 1, by 2 we had everything cleaned up, the boys were watching football, and my sister, my mom, the kids and I were playing games.  We had dessert a little later, and I think everyone left around 6.


What time do you eat?  My grandma always served our big meals as a late lunch, and I guess it just felt natural to do the same.  Also, I like to eat early so we can have a nap, and then have leftovers for dinner.

We picked at the  leftovers all night!  And of course I was so stuffed that I didn’t feel like cleaning up.  So this is what I came down to this morning-

Such a disaster.  I promise it was clean as soon as we finished eating (the first time, lol).

After everyone left, Hubby and I watched Wizard of Oz.  Actually, he slept, and I watched it with Milo. img_4351

Isn’t that funny??  I have never seen a cat watching tv.  He didn’t sit that way for long, but he watched it for a good 15 minutes.

My plans for the day are cleaning up that mess of a kitchen, undecorating for Thanksgiving/fall and DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!  I am so excited!  I have been planning out my decorating pretty much since April.  We bought our house then, and I have been picturing it ever since.

I did a little bit of Black Friday shopping online, but it’s never been my thing.  Hubby and I went out once to find some good deals, but didn’t really find anything worth all of that craziness.  So we haven’t done it since then.

I hope you all enjoy your day, however you are spending it.  Hubby and the girls are still sleeping, so I will watch one more Hallmark Christmas movie, drink another cup of coffee, and enjoy the quiet for a little bit longer.  Then I’m going to scrub that kitchen and get this house ready for Christmas!  Find me on Instagram to see more from me..not quite daily, but a little more often than I can blog. 🙂

❤ Courtney

Holiday Planning: The Week of Thanksgiving

Oh. Em. Gee.

I cannot believe this is Thanksgiving week. So much to do, and I’m running out of time. So far we’ve planned our menu, purchased our ingredients, and hopefully you remembered to thaw your turkey in the fridge!

We had some company in from out of town over the weekend. Well, Sunday night and they left yesterday afternoon. But I did get my whole house clean on Saturday. That way I could relax and enjoy my friends. Yesterday after they left, I tidied the house, and worked on some laundry.

Today, I’m going to get my brine ready, so I can get the turkeys soaking this evening. I’m also going to get working on desserts. I’ll be making a pumpkin cheesecake, an apple pie and a chocolate pie.

I’ll share some pictures on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me there!

What are you working on today? How do you stay motivated to get everything done?

My motivation comes from a few different places. I like to hear from you guys to see what everyone is working on. I commit to posting pictures on Instagram so I know someone will be expecting something from me. One of my best friends will be making pies and desserts today as well. So we will be texting and chatting on the phone. Probably sending pictures back and forth. It really helps when you know someone else is working on the same thing as you are.

I am so excited for Thanksgiving!

❤️ Courtney

Holiday Planning: Week 2

Good morning!

We have had some beautiful sunrises this week. After 3 years in Tucson, I am still amazed at the beauty of the Desert. ❤️

On to the holiday prep!

How are you coming along? Please tell me what you’ve been working on.

This week I did my shopping. I got my turkey- well, I got one of them. I decided to roast a turkey and smoke two turkey breasts. I could not find a decent sized turkey breast at our grocery store. They had the little ones, I’ve never bought them, but I think it’s just lunch meat. It has a very unnatural oval shape to it. Lol And I don’t want to serve that for The Big Day.

Anyway, I did my shopping and I did most of it from memory because, of course, I forgot my list. I have a few more things to pick up, and then I’ll be done.

Hubby’s work does a Thanksgiving potluck for the employees the week before- tomorrow actually! Hubby signed up to bring stuffing. I usually just make my classic stuffing for him to take, but not this year. He found a recipe for smoked cornbread stuffing, and will be taking that. I made the cornbread and got the sausage, onions and celery ready to go. Today, I’ll get it all together and Hubby will toss it in the smoker when he gets home. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay out of it! Yummmy

This weekend we have some overnight guests, so I’m also getting the house ready for them. It’s a very old and dear friend. We don’t get to see each other very often, but talk almost daily. I can’t wait to see her and her family! ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve been very busy, and I haven’t been able to keep up with my Holiday Planning blogs. I was hoping to share more details and pictures, but time got away from me.

I’d love to know what you all have been up to!


Holiday Planning: Week 1

Hi everyone!  I’m so happy to be preparing for the holidays!  This is my absolute favorite time of year!!  I’m just going to jump right in on what I’ve been up to.  I try to start early in November with my Thanksgiving preparations so I’m not stressing at the last minute.

First up- Decorate!  That’s what I did over the weekend.  I completed my entry way table, I’ve got some turkeys up around the house, and I’m trying to revive my mums (I’m not exactly sure what happened! haha) for my front porch.

You may have seen my entry table on Instagram, if you follow me there.


Once you’re decorated, send out your invitations. So many options here. You can go formal and send actual invitations. Although, if you’re going that route, you may want to start a little earlier.  You cans get really creative with these- I’ve seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. Definitely check them out!

Over here, we’re pretty casual. (This is the Wild West, after all.)  I just send out a text if it’s not someone we see all the time. Or I just let them know in person -I see most of my family multiple times per week. 

When you know who is coming, and have an idea of how much food you’re going to need, plan that menu!  If you’re like me, and really REALLY love tradition..planning the menu will be easy.  It’s the same thing every year.  Some people like to try new recipes for holidays, or make super fancy desserts- getting better every year.  Me..I like to serve the exact same food every year.  And, it’s the exact same food my grandma would serve when I was a little kid.  I can try a new recipe every other day of the year, but holidays are for tradition.

How are you preparing for Thanksgiving this week?  Are you more traditional (like me!) or do you like to try new things every year? Are you hosting? And most importantly- what is on your menu?? 

❤️ Courtney 

Welcome to The Holidays! 

This is, by far, my most favorite time of year. Cooler temperatures, sweaters, bonfires, Thanksgiving..and that doesn’t even get us into December.

Thanksgiving is my holiday. Our entire family comes to our house and we watch the parade, watch football, eat and give thanks. I love decorating, cleaning and cooking for Turkey Day.


Rockwell Thanksgiving


My goal this season is to share my preparation, lots of pictures and recipes and our traditions with you all. I’ve been working on my prep list and I hope to have it finished up soon.

Are you sharing your Thanksgiving plans or planning? I just love reading about others holidays. It encourages me and keeps me motivated. Please share links to your holiday plans!